French cuisine for tourists
French national cuisine, like the cuisines of other countries, has for centuries evolved from the regional culinary traditions of various historical regions of the country. But there is another component…

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French cuisine for tourists
French national cuisine, like the cuisines of other countries, has for centuries evolved from the regional culinary traditions of various historical regions of the country. But there is another component…

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What can’t and can be imported into France
Customs regulations in the EU are complex, in addition, France has the right to tighten them. We will understand that it is impossible to bring to France a tourist, what…

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The best cabarets in Paris that most tourists don’t know about

Paris cabarets are one of the symbols of the French capital. You can easily find bars, nightclubs and other similar establishments in any city in the world. But where else but Paris can one find such a selection of stunning cabaret shows? Moulin Rouge, Lido. Perhaps they are known to any layman who has never even walked along the streets of Paris. But…

… in Paris there are other cabarets that many travel lovers and simply connoisseurs of beauty do not even suspect. We introduce you to the best of them.

A little bit about cabaret

First, a few words about cabaret in general. What is the Cabaret Show in Paris? Today they just don’t include him: striptease, burlesque shows, drag shows, naked shows, shows of one person or solo vocalist. In the French capital, in fact, there are only a few French cabarets of the “old style”. But in any of them there is always a stage for the show itself and spectators sitting at tables watching the performance. The show is traditionally accompanied by champagne and dinner with the best French wines. True guests are given a choice. You can enjoy the extravaganza without refreshments, with a glass of champagne. In any case, a cabaret is an evening of entertainment and fun with amazing dance and vocal shows.

And now we will go directly to the best cabaret in Paris, about which we have not heard much, but they are the ones that are significant for the French themselves.

Le paradis latin

Address: 28 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine

Le Paradis Latin is the oldest cabaret in Paris, founded by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802. It is located in the Latin Quarter, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Once it was a very popular meeting place, which was visited by Dumas and Balzac. During the Franco-Prussian War, the cabaret was destroyed by a large fire, and later rebuilt by Gustav Eiffel for the World Exhibition in Paris. Like the Eiffel Tower, the new Paradis Latin marks 130 years in 2019. Le Paradis Latin is a favorite cabaret of locals, probably due to its excellent menu and affordable prices. If you want to enjoy Paris as a true resident of the city, Le Paradis Latin is the best cabaret show in the city for you. The most popular performance in recent years is L’Oiseau Paradis, created by the famous choreographer, dancer and talented director Kamel Ouali. It is worth noting that the performance is a mixture of modern dance styles and old cabaret favorites, including, of course, the French cancan.

Price: from 45 euros

Le crazy horse

Le Crazy Horse in Paris – L’Art du Nude

Address: 2 Avenue George V

Le Crazy Horse Cabaret is the sexiest cabaret in Paris. Their burlesque show Totally Crazy is an ode to female beauty, combining eroticism and sophistication. Indeed, “Crazy Horse” offers the only show in the cabaret where you can see completely naked dancers. Of the clothes on them, only bright lights and small black stripes. Girls from Crazy Horse have perfect parameters and almost identical figures. Totally Crazy is a stylish cabaret show where dancers perform excellent choreographic compositions, combined with songs and modern special effects. An exciting performance combines three elements – glamor, audacity and arrogance, as well as the best of 65-year history of cabaret in one 90-minute performance. Tickets for shows usually sell out very quickly, so we recommend booking them in advance.

Price: from 87 euros

Le lapin agile paris

Address: 22 Rue des Saules

Le Lapin Agile, which means “Agile Rabbit” in French, is located in one of the quiet streets of Montmartre and is one of the few traditional Parisian cabarets still working in the city. This “Cabaret de Paris” is a small village house, easily recognizable by the picture of a rabbit jumping out of the pan. Le Lapin Agile at the beginning of the 19th century was the center of the bohemian Montmartre, where Pablo Picasso and Modigliani often looked. Today it is a popular option for those who want to see an authentic cabaret and enjoy the show without laser and light special effects. It should be borne in mind that the program at Le Lapin Agile is held in French without translation, but this only adds a special charm to what is happening.

Price: from 20 euros

Le zèbre de belleville

Address: 63 Boulevard de Belleville

In one of the most artistic and noisy areas of Paris in the former cinema building, you will find Le Zèbre de Belleville – the circus cabaret, which first opened its doors in 1945. His main show today is Cabaret Cirque Russe, not only with elements of dance and song, but also aerial acrobatics and magic. If you’re looking for a more modern Parisian cabaret, Zebre de Belleville is a good choice. Located in the center of the ultra-urban, multicultural Belleville, “Zebra” (the facade of the building is decorated with a large sign depicting the animal of the same name) regularly arranges performances.

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