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Interesting about france

France is very different from what we fantasized about it, reading The Three Musketeers and Angelique. Listening to Charles Aznavour and Vanessa Paradis, watching Asterix and Obelix and Amelie. It is all the more interesting to face the realities of French life and French views on life.

French people
The main vital concern of the French is to be true French.
Michelle Sirett
To all other representatives of the human race, the French are condescending, because people are just unlucky that they were not born French. The French consider themselves to be true experts in everything that seems important to them, and if they are not knowledgeable in any field, then this is most likely irrelevant nonsense.

The national hero for a true Frenchman is Cyrano de Bergerac, a poet and warrior (alas, burdened with a serious physical handicap), as well as Gerard Depardieu, who played Cyrano in the movie. In general, the French like the “stars” that have risen from the bottom thanks to their own efforts.

French women
French women and elegance are almost synonymous. French women look so that men feel the need to give them a place in the subway, carry their luggage and open all the doors in front of them. French women are accustomed to worship, accustomed to listen to compliments on any occasion, and the French are used to talking to them.

French women are always ready for easy flirting. If a man does not attempt to seduce his interlocutor, she may even be slightly upset. What is the point of buying stylish clothes, demonstrating a sharp mind and honed manners if a man refuses to play the role assigned to him by nature?

And by the way, look at the symbol of France Marianne, the prototype for the image of which in recent years was Brigitte Bardot, Mireille Mathieu, Catherine Deneuve, Patricia Kaas and Letizia Casta.

But knickers, dress coat, vest – All these words are not in Russian …
A.S. Pushkin
But before the beginning of the 20th century, every educated person knew French. Historians note that during the Patriotic War of 1812, Russian soldiers quite often mistook their officers for the enemy in night patrols, because of the latter’s habit of constantly speaking French.

Now French is the official language in more than 30 countries. Little is known that for 600 years, French has been the official language of Britain.

Interesting Facts:

every day in France two new cookbooks are published;
the longest sentence in French was written by Victor Hugo (novel Les Miserables) and contains 823 words;
in French there are separate words for Russian vodka – vodka, and Polish vodka – wodka.
French and religion
The French are mostly Catholics, however, Catholics are very independent. What is the fact that for almost a hundred years, France had its own Pope (in Avignon) who successfully competed with the Pope of the rest of the Catholic world.

They say that the French in Catholicism are attracted by the opportunity to repent at the very last moment and thereby earn forgiveness. For the most part, ignoring religious duties and concerns, the French are reverent about religious holidays.

3 myths about France and the French
The French are rude
The most common and most unfair myth. The French are friendly, by and large, but they have their own quirks. For example, during a conversation you are supposed to look directly into the eyes of the person you are talking to.

If you speak French in English, he will not answer you
Of course, the French are offended that the formerly once main language of world communication has been supplanted by the ubiquitous English. Therefore, learn a couple of phrases in French, and the natives will not only show you the way to the next attraction, but they will take your hand and lead you to it.

A trip to France is too expensive a pleasure
If you take care of the route, the road and the night in advance, go out of season (in October-March), stay in three-star hotels (and the French especially underestimate the class of the hotel for tax reasons) and eat where the French themselves eat – you will be surprised how much you will be able to save.

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