Island of st margarita
St. Marguerite Island has been keeping the secrets of the Iron Mask for over 300 years. Tourists coming here will not be able to solve them, but they will have…

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Lerins Abbey in Cannes
France is rich in monuments of culture and architecture with ancient history. Catholics from all over the world come to the country in order to bow before the outstanding shrines.…

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What to bring to France
What to put in a suitcase for holidays in France? What exactly is useful, and what to take is not necessary at all? What will help save valuable time? What…

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Alsace Fashion

Fashion for Alsace Holidays in Alsace is in fashion with Russian tourists. Especially among those who love France and have more than once rested in this country. Having visited Paris, the castles of the Loire and the Cote d’Azur, the tourist craves for new, fresh experiences. Alsace is also good because it is located near other famous and popular cities in Europe. So the most incredible combined tours are possible.

Alsace owes much of its popularity with Russians to Transaero Airlines, which last year began regular flights to the provincial capital, Strasbourg. The direct flight Moscow-Strasbourg made this region easily accessible for our tourists. In addition, as it turned out, Alsace has a number of undeniable advantages over the already promoted areas of France.

Why is it worth going to Alsace

For example, the Cote d’Azur, popular with the Russians, is much more expensive than Alsace hotels. So, a night in a Continue reading

Eurothermes resorts offer great and affordable vacation

In addition to the world famous Vichy and Biaritsa, in France there are many other worthy medical resorts. They are not much inferior to the promoted European health resorts. But they offer cheaper holidays, at least 30-40% cheaper than, for example, in Karlovy Vary. We are talking about resorts within the Eurothermes group.

The Eurothermes Association was established in 1974. Guy Ebrar, a dermatologist and specialist in hydrotherapy, is considered its founder. Twenty-seven years ago, he decided to combine into one group medical resorts located in five regions of France: Languedoc-Roussillon, Poitou-Charente, Auvergne, Rhone-Alpes and Midi-Pyrenees. These areas are very rich in thermal springs, which have long been famous for Continue reading

The best cabarets in Paris that most tourists don’t know about

Paris cabarets are one of the symbols of the French capital. You can easily find bars, nightclubs and other similar establishments in any city in the world. But where else but Paris can one find such a selection of stunning cabaret shows? Moulin Rouge, Lido. Perhaps they are known to any layman who has never even walked along the streets of Paris. But…

… in Paris there are other cabarets that many travel lovers and simply connoisseurs of beauty do not even suspect. We introduce you to the best of them.

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What is the most disappointing thing in Paris, and why tourists are still attracted here

You have to visit Paris for the first time in your life, and you are already looking forward to romantic walks and unforgettable experiences? We hasten to disappoint you – many Paris disappoints. And that’s why.

1. Parisians speak French
There is a phrase that sounds something like this: “Paris would be great if not for the Parisians.” This is partly true. Alas, but apparently this property of many residents of tourist cities is not to love foreigners. No, Parisians are not arrogant, and they are not snobs. They are just comfortable in an environment of their own kind. In order to gain the friendship of a Frenchman, you must perfectly speak his language Continue reading

Interesting about france

France is very different from what we fantasized about it, reading The Three Musketeers and Angelique. Listening to Charles Aznavour and Vanessa Paradis, watching Asterix and Obelix and Amelie. It is all the more interesting to face the realities of French life and French views on life.

French people
The main vital concern of the French is to be true French.
Michelle Sirett
To all other representatives of the human race, the French are condescending, because people are just unlucky that they were not born French. The French consider themselves to be true experts in everything Continue reading

House-Museum of Henri Matisse in Nice
In Nice, on one of the hills of Cimiez, near the ancient Roman ruins in the 17th century Genoese mansion is the Matisse Museum. The building presents the artist’s work…


Cannes city and resort
Cannes (as well as Caen or Cannes) is one of the most popular and expensive resorts of the Cote d'Azur. It is located in the southeastern part of France, in…


Nice resort in France
Founded by the ancient Greeks, Nice, which was a favorite vacation spot of the Victorian aristocracy in the 19th century, is located in the southeastern part of France and is…


What to bring to France
What to put in a suitcase for holidays in France? What exactly is useful, and what to take is not necessary at all? What will help save valuable time? What…